"My name is Annie and I am 10 years old. I have been coming here since I was 1! One of my favorite parts of the trip is sitting down on the shore and letting my feet get splashed with salty water. One of the yummiest parts is getting ice cream in Pt. Clyde every day. I also love the Slipway restaurant in Thomaston- they have the best chicken sandwiches!" 
- Annie from Vermont

"A lovely week in this beautiful Farmhouse. We enjoyed exploring the meadow and the beach and the beaver pond. This was our first trip to Maine and we are already planning a return visit. Highlights: day trip to Monhegan Island, the Farnsworth Museum, chartering a sailboat, Jess’s Seafood in Rockland, dinners in the barn, picking wildflowers in the field, and the outdoor shower! Would like to know some history of the house."
- Richard & Family

"We love this house! Very much enjoyed our stay & hope to return next year. Thank you for the memories that will carry us through the year until next time. The ping pong tournaments, lobsters, ribs & champagne & long walks & runs, biking & rollerblades, charades & l aughing children."
- Sweed family, Mass.

"This was our first time here and we can’t wait to return next year! Now we see why people have been coming here for 15 years. We are a small family without kids but can now see how the kids would love this place, running around everywhere. Next time we’ll bring them. We all grew up in an old farmhouse similar to this one but not on the ocean. We appreciate how much of the structure of the house & barn are still in original condition. We enjoyed the newly planted herb garden, the antique door knobs, the fireplace and how each room feels cozy. Some of our activities: -Acadia fall colors -Blacksmiths winery for one of a kind local fruit wines & cider -lots of lighthouses -local stores for food, desserts in Pt. Clyde & Tenants Harbor"
- Ricardo Family, Colorado

"Loved every minute of our stay Baking lobster sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting Naps Going down to the rocky shore Funny puppet shows Yahtzee games Reading Dr. Seuss books Movies & popcorn Hide & seek Jolly old saint nick on the piano Puzzles Starfish waiting for the tide to come in Ready to come back Tessa's notes Oct. 2009 On the shore is tidepools Cappy's Chowder House Tidepools of starfish and crabs On a rock we saw seals Exploring the rocky shore Rocks are slippery when tides go out I slipped on the rocks Nine starfish, Maine lobster, tracks, ice cream Arcade and bowling I put my hand into the water Nice smooth rocks Exploring in Maine is fun!"
- Harden family from Missouri

"Really enjoyed our stay. Best were sea kayaking with Cody, chatting with the lobstermen at the General Store, kids playing and making friends with the lobsters, ferry ride to Monhegan, sitting on the deck and living room reading. So lucky to have one day of rain during our week. Wonderful place for a large group."
- Greg & Samantha family

"We have been coming to Tenants Harbor for 24 years with our two children & dear friends. Our daughter got engaged last year and wanted her wedding in Maine. We found the Farmhouse & the rest is history. It was magical. We had family & friends from all over the U.S. and everyone said it was a wedding to remember. Had a picture perfect day and all went well." 
- Majors Family, California

"This is an amazing house! The grounds are so expansive with great views of Maine flowers and trees. Being able to see the ocean from the back porch is really cool. The dining room table is wonderfully large and able to accommodate so many of us for meals as well as card games & board games. All in all it’s been one of the nicest vacations we’ve ever had and we’ll take away some great memories."
- Geena

"Where to begin….full moon, walking in the cemetery, wildflowers, ice cream in Pt.Clyde, lobsters, Monhegan Island trips, walks to the shore, lupine, gorgeous weather and the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland. Love the back porch in the sunshine."
- Andy’s friend, New York

"We had a truly memorable week. Personal favorites: Cate: lupines, lilacs, ocean sounds and sights, clothesline, beautiful rugs & comfy couches, foggy mornings, country kitchen, basketball game with kids. David: quietness, cookout on the rocks & all the preps, reading, watching documentaries, drawing the house & barn. Kids: Barn fun, rock fun, Marshall Pt. seaglass hunts, bicycle rides, Drift In Beach, digging for clams, movies, meals."
- Jessups

"Thank you for time at this family farmhouse. Did you ever see the movie "The Dining Room";? AS we sat here at the dining room table or in the kitchen, the scenes continually changed with members of the family 4mo.-82 years of happy age. And then the wonderful walks thru the field to the ocean. Thank you for 'places' like this."

"Perfect weather. Family here from 9 mo. to 89 years. What a glorious place to make and share memories. The week before we arrived we found that folks we know used to come here in the 90's for Thanksgiving."
- Roberts family from Ithaca, N.Y.

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful acreage with us. Two rounds of 'capture the flag' with the whole family. Loads of fun and hiding places. All the local merchants are so friendly & helpful. Thank you for sharing your house with us. The field and shore are truly amazing; love how the field smells and the stones walls reminds me of my childhood summers. We loved the trails and the children loved the tree house."
- David & family